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The Haiti Ministry Mission:

Contact:  Patricia Hawn 

Through St. Ann’s Catholic Church, we are committed to raising the quality of life for the people of Dubuisson Haiti.  We provide nourishment and growth for the minds and bodies of the children at our school and develop a loving understanding of the physical and religious needs of both of our parishes.


Did you know?

In 2003, St. Ann’s  Parish made a Twinning Commitment with Notre Dame du Perpetual Secours in Dubuisson,  Haiti. A School Scholarship program was initiated.

  • Today, our school educates 280 students in 8 classrooms Pre K through 6th Grade.
  • All of our teachers are Certified or in the process of completing Certification.
  • Our school provides clean water and a hot meal for all students;   for some, their only meal of the day.
  • We feel that education is one of the most effective ways of getting Haiti out of its economic stagnation.
  • $100 will cover the cost for 1 student for 1 year.


$100 will help support a child’s education and faith community for a year.  Look for a donation envelope located on the Haiti bulletin board next to the church office door.



Here is a song written by our sister church in Dubuisson Haiti:

Here are the lyrics to sing along:

In year of divine mercy, thank you Saint Ann Parish.

Yes thank you Saint Ann Parish

You share your hearth, you share your live.

You share your health, you share your work.

You have mercy, you give food and drink.

Yes! Thank you America and Saint Ann Parish.

You share your time, you share your money.

You share your day, you share your week.

You have mercy, you teach others to read and write.

Yes! Thank you America and Saint Ann Parish.

You share your month, you share your year.

You share your prayer, you share your voice.

You have mercy, you give good advice.

Yes! Thank you America and Saint Ann Parish.

Thank you, Patricia. You are merciful. And you?

Thank you, Hanley. You are merciful. And you?

Thank you, Jo. You are merciful. and you?

Thank you, Fr. Christ. You are merciful. And you?

Thank you for you who listen this song.

You are seemed with God and God bless you.



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